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Lost my wallet 2014/1/15 23:40
Konnichiwa. My name is Qonitha Shalihah Firdausiyah, i'm an Indonesian. I came to Japan, to attend ICAST 2013 in Kumamoto University for a weeks. I lost my wallet in Osaka. I was using Osaka Unlimited Pass at 10 december 2014. I went to Tempozan Giant Ferris Wheel, then Cruise ship santa maria, Floating Garden, and Namba Parks. I don't really know where i loose my wallet. I realize it when i'm in Shinsaibashi station. I have report my lost at Namba Koban Police at the same day. But i'm still clue less till now, and i have gone back to Indonesia.

My wallet is red and gray colour, with the monkey picture. The content of wallet is ID Card, ATM, Gadjah Mada University Student Card, Indonesian Rupiahs Money, Malaysian Ringgit Money, and Japanese Yen Money.

Is possible for me to get back my wallet? Could you guys give me some advice, what i have to do? Is there anyone knows email of Nama Parks, Namba Koban Police and Floating Garden? I really really need some help. Thank you..
by Qonitha Shalihah (guest)  

Re: Lost my wallet 2014/1/16 10:05
Input form of the Floating Garden
The third choice is the@Floating Garden(‹σ’†’뉀j.
Namba Parks will also be questions on the form or telephone.
Lost and Found Search of Osaka police
Company Kaiyukan
(Ferris wheel of Tenpozan, Santa Maria also runs)
When I was a lost article, there is an incoming call from the police.
(Identification because it was on)
I hope that you find the wallet.
Please google translated page of Japanese.
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Re: Lost my wallet 2014/1/16 10:46
Even if the wallet was found and sent to the police station, under the current law they keep it only for 3 months, an if the owner is not found within the period, the person who found the item and report to the police can claim its ownership.
Since you've already reported to the police, and it was more than a year ago, I'm afraid that the chance you can get it back to you is almost nil.
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Re: Lost my wallet 2014/1/16 11:56
It looks like the pass was used on 10 Dec 2013, not 2014, thus making it just over a month ago.
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Re: Lost my wallet 2014/1/17 03:08
Qonitha Shalihah,

Weren't you or perhaps your tour insured? Contact the insurance company.
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Re: Lost my wallet 2014/1/18 08:06
I lost my Suica card on the subway once. It still had about 30 dollars US value on it. I went to the station agent at my destination, and they asked me "where did you enter?" I told them, and they phoned that station and found out that my card had been found and turned in. I didn't know this, but my name was magnetically encoded on the card. The station agent told me to go back to that station and present identification and I would get my card back. It worked. In your case maybe you lost your identification, but if there is a picture in your wallet, that would identify you. So I think there is hope that you can regain your wallet. You just have to figure out, whoever found it, where would they turn it in?
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Re: Lost my wallet 2014/1/18 20:56
I wonder if this could be discouring or encouring, but when I lost my wallet once, I contacted all my credit card companies so that my cards won't be abused.

But I let my credited Pasmo (which is a train card similar to Suica) as is just to see what happens. After a while, I went to a station and had them check my lost Pasmo's track record and found out that it was used at a certain spot after I lost it.

I never got the wallet back, but now I know that I didn't just lose it but that it was stolen and was carried to that spot. To me, this was a bit better than never knowing what happened to it.

The interesting thing was that my Pasmo was used only for one short train ride worth 150 yen or so. Whoever abused it may have done it just to check if the wallet is tracked or not. Needless to say, I canceled my lost Pasmo and moved on with my life.

By the way, you have a choice of having your train cards "credited" (ki-mei) or not. If you don't credit it, it may be more difficult to trace it.
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Re: Lost my wallet 2014/1/24 15:09
I lost my wallet at 10 Desember 2013, not 2014. And i had report my lost to Namba Koban Police, at the same day that i realized i've lost my wallet. I have asked to kaiyukan aquarium, and they couldn't find it. I can't ask to namba parks, floating garden, because it use japanese language and i can't understand it. I couldn't make a phone call from Indonesia, because it's quite expensive to make an abroad call from here.

Is there anyone in Osaka could help me to ask namba parks, namba koban police, and floating garden? While i'm trying to understand the japanese page of floating garden and namba parks. Your help mean so much too me. I'm sorry if i'm bothering you. Arigatou.
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Re: Lost my wallet 2014/1/24 21:18
Qonitha Shalihah,

Any lost property that is found is kept at that organization for a week, and then sent to the police. And then finally, reports are collected to one spot within the police network.

In other words, if you lost your wallet a month and a half ago, and if it was found and reported immediately, you will be informed by now.

Japan has very few gun crimes, but I'm afraid it has a very fair share of pickpockets.
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Re: Lost my wallet 2014/1/25 11:01
Qonitha Shalihah, maybe you could go back and retrace your steps and you may find it this way? Or you could take out some advertising in the local newspapers or Japanese television and offer a big reward? I think if some one has found it if the reward was REALLY BIG they might return it?
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Re: Lost my wallet 2014/1/25 11:35
After a review of south police of Osaka, lost items that were lost in Osaka seems to reach all the police.
What was delivered to the police, seems to be contacted by police, If it contains identification.
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Re: Lost my wallet 2014/1/25 15:21
Rewards are sort of automatically given, by the way.

In Japan, it's customary for the original owner to give cash worth 5 to 20% of the lost-and-found contents to whoever found it. Although this is not compulsory, mediators often suggest so.

This is one of the big reasons why lost wallets are often found untouched in Japan. On the other hand, many people who find other people's lost property do not leave their names just so that the original owner need not worry about gifts in return. I usually leave my phone number just in case, but don't reveal my address.
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Re: Lost my wallet 2014/1/26 23:10
I was once skiiing with my friends in Nagano and one of my friends lost his wallet.
He went through the annoying process of reporting it to the police, getting replacements for all his cards, etc... and that seemed to be the end of it...until a few months later when with the melting snow his wallet was revealed and found its way back to him.
In Japan-proper this tends to be the norm. It will find its way back.

In Tokyo...yeah. If something goes missing it is gone.

I'm not sure where Osaka would fall. I'll guess more towards the Tokyo side. But reporting it to the police is a must.
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Regained untouched in Tokyo 2014/1/27 18:00
I should note that I have gotten wallets back a several times in Tokyo area. (Okay, I'm very often distracted.)

Once, it turned out with cash taken away, but everything else as is. I accidentally left it at my friend's apartment, a theif came in from the window, took the cash and threw it behind the stereo speaker of the messy room, and it came out when the messy friend was moving out.

If wallets are found dropped at a relatively crowded place such as stores, they almost always come back untouched. Typically, a passer-by of goodwill would pick it up, wouldn't have the urge to steal anything in front of the public anyway, would hand it to the shopkeeper, and shopkeepers are almost always honest.
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Re: Lost my wallet 2014/1/28 13:26
Wow, Uco, you really trust that friend. If it was me I don't think I'd believe the "thief came in through the window" story. ;)
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Re: Lost my wallet 2014/1/29 15:29
Hey, I am Qonitha. Thank you for your responds. I was report my lost in Namba Koban Police. Does the Osaka Police has an email? If yes, i could ask them via email from Indonesia.
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Re: Lost my wallet 2014/1/30 02:24
Qonitha Shalihah,

I can't seem to find any email addresses, but they do have a search engine just for lost and found items. Perhaps you can try it with a Japanese-speaking person you can trust.


Yes, I trusted him enough to decide to live on his salary, and I've been doing that for more than 20 years, so it surely adds up to a lot more than the amount I was stolen. In fact, what a great reminder! All these years I had lost trust on his ability to clean up, and now I know that I got all my money back!
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