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Filing income tax 2014/1/27 15:20
Hi everyone,

I am a Canadian who moved to Tokyo in April 2013 to begin work from May.
I worked for the same employer from May to July, then again from September to December. My contract was only valid during those months that I was working for them. After that, I changed an employer and have been working there since. I was just wondering if I would have to file the taxes myself? Thanks a lot!
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Re: Filing income tax 2014/1/27 16:43
While your current and/or former employer (already) deducted your income tax from your wages, you don't need to fill a tax return form. If your wages are not deducted tax then you need to fill income tax form and pay your tax by March 17.
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Re: Filing income tax 2014/1/27 17:46
It is well worth you filing to make sure it's all correct and you get the certificate to prove it.
If you've had multiple employers and not been working a full year, unless the tax office is on top of it's game, it's likely that your employers with have held too much tax, so you might get a refund.
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