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Japanese spouse - child not registered 2014/1/30 03:05
Hi. Please let me explain our situation. I am an American citizen and my wife is a Japanese citizen. We were married in Hawaii in 2003 and we have lived in America since then. Our son was born in 2004 in Nevada and as busy new parents living in America we never considered the requirement of registering him with the Japanese consulate at the time. Now, in 2014, we are considering moving to Japan as a family but not sure if we are able to register our son at this point so many years on. The consulate here in New York stated there was nothing we could do but I am hoping they meant nothing we could do at the consulate level. It truly was an oversight on our part and we want to make it right. Any thoughts?
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Re: Japanese spouse - child not registered 2014/1/30 10:29
Registration of births need to be done within 14 days after he/she was born in Japan. Your child needed to be register within 14 day after the birth at Japanese embassy or consulate general/office.

To re-obtain a Japanese citizenship for your child is, your child must be younger than 20 years old, and, your child have physical address in Japan where intend to live permanently(other than tourism/temporary visiting purpose).

You and your Japanese wife need to visit the local Legal Affairs Bureau(@, Ho mu kyoku) where you live in Japan and re-register your child's citizenship. The process can be considered individually so it may take longer process or may not be accepted.
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Re: Japanese spouse - child not registered 2014/1/30 11:11
The rules are different (not 14 days) when the child was born outside Japan.

You (or the Japanese parent, to be precise) need to report to the nearest Embassy of Japan within 3 months.
You need the birth certificate and its translation (translator's name has to be identified).

When upon birth the child has acquired another nationality (in your child's case, yes, US citizenship), you would have needed to report that the child "retains" the Japanese citizenship.

Obviously you've missed the timing for the proper process; you will need to ask, upon your visit to Japan, at the city hall/the bureau mentioned by the above poster what can be done.

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