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How to verify age on "LINE" app? 2014/1/31 14:04
I just downloaded an app called Line for japanese users, I am in Japan. But I don't speak or read japanese and I need help verifying my name on this app.
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Re: How to verify age on 2014/2/1 22:59
Use the English version of the app. It's the same thing.
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Re: How to verify age on 2014/2/2 00:02
And how do i get to the english version?
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Re: How to verify age on 2014/2/2 02:04
There are websites that post links to free/paid apps. You'll likely be able to find an English version of LINE on them. Make sure to only stick to the popular and trusted sites.

Or you can just ask a native speaker to help you do it on the Japanese version.
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Re: How to verify age on 2014/2/3 02:46
No actually the question is "did you buy the phone in Japan ?" I had same problem back in October with my phone the Japanese installed new soft wear into every phone so apps require age verification for the safety of other and bla bla bla , long story short I went back to my phone store and your user name is your phone number and password is the password you created at the store with your contract. Now if you did not buy a phone here it matters nothing the line app is in accordance to the Japanese terms so switching Englishness means nothing but I do not even think you can switch the language anyways . But what to I know I am just given a thought . If all else fails not the biggest deal there are like four other ways to add people then ID . You have QR which I mostly use anyway , then the shake your phone , the exchange telephone numbers ( after exchange of numbers give it one hour for them to show up on Line).
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