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Best whitening skincare in Japan? 2004/11/2 15:36
I'm on a quest to have white skin, I'm chinese and already white to begin with but i want that porcelain look that a lot of japanese women have. what products are effective in whitening? Thanks
by shasha  

Not whitening but... 2004/11/4 17:06
I've never used whitening cosmetics, but a few months ago, I went to my local drug store here in Japan and asked for a recommendation among one of the many blemish controling pills.

The clerk said, "They're all the same as ordinary vitamin C tablets you can get anywhere." So I bought the cheapest vitamin C pills, but since I had heard that artificial vitamin C can cause cancer when taken with caffein, I decided to stick to real vegetables and fruits. To eat and drink, I mean.

Just try it one by one. It probably depends on the person.
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... 2004/11/5 09:59
I've heard that Pond's Double White is quite powerful, but I myself have never used it.

With a friend's recommendation this past summer (I had pretty sturdy suntan) I used L'Oreal's whitening products... and it was to my satisfaction (meaning, the rugged tanned look went away quicker than what I would have expected otherwise). The whitening mask FELT good on top of that anyway (not available in Japan yet). To me the feel-good factor of any skin care products is just as important :)

But for whitening of fair skin to begin with, I do not know... to me, generally speaking, Chinese women seem to have better, fair skin compared to Japanese? :)
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kanpou 2004/11/5 12:08
"Chinese women seem to have better, fair skin compared to Japanese? :)"

Indeed, a lot of Japanese women wish they knew more about natural Chinese medicine that help to maintain your beauty.
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the secret 2006/1/25 13:53
If you want white skin,then drink milk,take a bath everyday and stay away from the sun.
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Ponds 2006/1/27 02:33
As someone else mentioned, Ponds Double White Day/Night Cream is indeed very powerful and effective. My mother started using the product thinking that since it is inexpensive, she'd give it a try, and it really works.
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Just curious 2006/1/28 02:35
I'm just wondering; Why do you want white skin? And does these different creams damage the skin in any way? Here I am, in Europe, and people just want to get a realy "nice" tan :)
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In Europe 2006/1/28 20:35
I am also from Europe and everyone here want to have sun tan. I myself have very very white skin, but dark hair and dark eyes, and people often tell me that I am too pale and need a suntan. They compare pale to ''dead people''! To me it is a bit exaggerated - I think everyone has his/her own skin tone and that one suits him/her the best.
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why asians want white skin 2006/3/24 02:34
The first sign of aging for white people is wrinkles, that's why there are so many products to reduce wrinkles in the US and Europe. But for asians, the first signs are dark spots and dull skin that can appear way before the first laugh line. So a lot of asians are dead set on having whiter skin.
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Kabuki and Geisha make-up 2006/3/24 09:37
You can use the same product that Geisha and Kabuki performers use. I noticed that when they are not wearing their make up they are very white. But i think that is due to a long period of usage.
Just keep in mind that there are some health risk when altering with nature.
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The Solution 2006/4/13 22:56
Just try Shiseido!
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white skin 2006/4/14 11:00
I found the Korean brand IOPE whitening is pretty good.
as for me, I need a product that can remove sun spot on my face. Any one know a good product that does that?
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You know 2006/4/14 11:54
all human beings like this they are never satisfied with what they have!
a woman who wish whatever. the other woman have...
& so on.. well it is a global thing but i advice u to be proud of u r & enjoy being yourself. u can be the pretiest woman in the worl if u make changes just within your own nature. I mean change hair style , way of dressing...
these simple things may make u look the best in the world so try to keep satisfaction in yourself this is the best beauty
plus when god createde humans he made every one have a special beauty inside him /her.
so try to find your own beauty & stress on it & forget what others have . u can't have all things in the world for yourself.
good luck. ^_^
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. 2006/4/16 05:30
Hythiol-C is said to work well.


This is not applied on the skin. It is a tablet that is eaten, without side effects (they claim). The chemistry behind its formula seems to suggest it works.

Actually weird thing is when I was working in Japan and only for a year, my skin went a lot whiter naturally. My friends/family who visited me during that period noticed it too - so it wasn't just me looking at the mirror thinking what the XXXX happened. All returned to normal when I was back to Australia haha..

May have to do with weather, or the food? :O
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Cha 2006/4/22 10:09
Whenever I drink a lot of tea...my skin suddenly becomes pale!

Trying going tot he onsen everyday to get white skin!
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PONDS DOUBLE WHITE 2006/10/16 10:56
I am of Italian descent and have olive skin. When I lived in Japan I tried Ponds Double White and my skin turned porcelane white in just 2 weeks. Unfortunately this product is not available in the US. I tried ordering from Amazon.co.jp but was told this product can't be delivered to the US because of FDA regulations. 2 weeks after I stopped using it my skin got back to olive.
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There is 2007/3/17 14:52
You should try SK-II. It really works.
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How do they work? 2007/3/17 17:33
What are whiteners and how do they work, from the inside out, from the outside by removing dead skin layers?

Do they whiten all of your skin or just the area you apply them, such as the face?
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Porcelana 2007/5/30 08:31
Porcelana is available in the US. It fades dark spots pretty well. It's made with 2% Hydroquinine. I've heard they go up to 4%. My mom used it to fade a scar. I'm pretty pale to begin with, but I got burned a few weeks ago and I'm trying to get rid of a funky tan and freckles. It's working so far. :)
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Try Lancome 2007/6/8 10:38
Customers often ask for skin lightening/whitening products that really work. Lancome has a U.S. and asian line that lighten skin...I use it myself. In the Asia region, it is called Blanc Expert (comes in face wash, toner, day & night creams/lotions, serums, and powder/foundations). In the U.S, it's called Bright Expert (comes in foaming cleanser, toner, serum, and night cream only). I've used the face wash ($30) and serum ($88) to fade my dark spots and lighten my skin. It works gradually...but most notice results in about 2 weeks. Mine took about 3 weeks. Ask for a sample...if it works for u...buy it!
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