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Where was the Red Cross in Yokohama in 1947? 2014/2/10 03:44
I was in 4th grade at St. Joseph College on the Bluff. We went to Christmas Caroling at the Red Cross. After singing Christmas Carols, we were treated to all we can eat donuts. They had a donut making machine on a conveyor type production where the dough was dropped into the boiling oil well, floated slowly to a metal scoop with holes to drain out the cooking oil and the deep fried donuts were dumped onto a metal serving tray lined with paper towel! It was really neat as I never saw anything like that!
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Re: Where was the Red Cross in Yokohama in 1947? 2014/2/10 14:37
Umm try krispy kreme donuts http://krispykreme.jp/index.html they do the same thing if thats all your really looking for...

If your looking for the address to the red cross mission in Yokohama in 47 that will take me time those records are in paper form or micro film I'm guessing.
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Re: Where was the Red Cross in Yokohama in 1947? 2014/2/11 01:24
I also was in Yokohama at that time and attended St Joseph's....we left for the States in April 1948 at which time I was in the 4th grade..

As for the Amer Red Cross, it was housed in a building called Berrick Hall, and was across the street, just a little distance from the Foreiner's Cemetery.....My Mom worked there, and we also lived there, with the "Red Cross girls".... There might have been other locations as well as everyone was segregated at the time.

As for Christmas caroling....we wore some kind of long robe.... my recollection is that we sang at the PX, and they rewarded us with goodies afterwards.....I don't specifically remember the donuts...

I do not remember much else, unfortunately...but I send you my greetings....

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