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Shikoku Kankou 2014/2/10 08:22
My wife & I are planning a 2-3 day vacation to Shikoku in May. We are looking for infomation on places to stay. My wife believes her roots are in Shikoku somewhere near the Hosoki Zuido (Hosoki Canal) The name may have been changed, but we would like to try to find it, if possible. Also would like information on tiur busses and business hotels. Lastly is there an e-mail address for the Shikoku Kankou (sp). Thank you for any assistance that you may provide.
by Samukawa  

Re: Shikoku Kankou 2014/2/10 12:33
Hosoki Canal is on the western coast of Shikoku. The nearest sizeable town is Uwajima in Ehime Prefecture.
http://www.uwajima.org/ebook/uwajimakanko/index.html?highlightwords=%E... (zoom in on the left-hand page, Hosoki Canal is 細木運河)

email address for Uwajima Tourism Association
email address for International Affairs Division, Ehime Prefectural Government:
English online email webpage for the Organization for Promotion of Tourism in Shikoku:

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Re: Shikoku Kankou 2014/2/10 15:23
The bus info. from Uwajima JR station to Hosoki Canal, bound for Morobuchi(蒋渕):
~80min, 1,000yen.
The timetable
6:30 7:47 ※2
12:25 13:42
15:35 16:52  
17:55 19:12
19:00 20:17 ※1
6:31 7:47 ※2
6:54 8:10
8:02 9:18
14:06 15:22
17:06 18:22 ※1
Note 1: no run on Sun./Holidays, 2:When school in session
The place is in such a remote area that either stay near the JR Uwajima. Dogo onsen is a historical onsen town.
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Re: Shikoku Kankou 2014/2/10 15:34
Dear William 5 & Amazingaguest: Than k you both for the excellent and rapid response.
Setsuko Szabo
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