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School Holidays April 2014 2014/2/11 09:41
Hi there, I've seen many different answers but could anyone confirm when the official school holidays are. Some say starting end of March and other say differently?
Is there a website from the education department with these dates?
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Re: School Holidays April 2014 2014/2/12 10:49
Are you talking about the spring break between school years?

It will vary slightly from one board of education to another. But it's typically the last week or so of March and the first week of April.
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Re: School Holidays April 2014 2014/2/12 12:15
Great thank you for that. That lines up with what else I've been told.
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Re: School Holidays April 2014 2014/2/14 12:06
School holidays in Japan may different depending on the decision made by local authorities(operated by education committees).

In Tokyo, state primary schools spring break is between 25 March and 6 April, Junior high - 26 March and 7 April and kinder garden - 21 March and 8 April.

Private schools set their own holiday time and high schools(or senior college) set their own holiday schedule sometimes during the above holiday.
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