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Sim Card, Smartphone or Mobile Internet? 2014/2/14 00:56
I have reviewed a lot of posts on this subject, but I am still confused. Sorry :-(

I will be traveling around Japan for 15 days beginning April 1, arriving at Narita Airport. I have an unlocked Apple iPhone 5S. My primary mobile usage will be Google Maps for navigation. I will try to use hotel wi-fi for all other Internet connections. The ability to make a few local phone calls would be nice, but is not essential.

I have a few questions:

1. Given my needs, which product would you suggest for me? Sim Card Rental? Smartphone Rental? Mobile Internet Rental? Cost & Effectiveness are my most important concerns.

2. What would you estimate my total cost range might be for the 15 days? Any reasonable guess is fine.

3. Must I prepay for the service, or can I pick up my Sim card, Smartphone or mobile internet at a shop at Narita Airport?

4. Would Softbank be a good choice?

Thanks in advance for your help
by Skibum80488  

Re: Sim Card, Smartphone or Mobile Internet? 2014/2/14 12:31
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