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Kanda solo Shabu-shabu 2014/2/14 22:38
I saw this show from NHK World called Tokyo Eye where there was people in Tokyo doing solo sightseeing. One guy went to a small restaurant in Kanda who served shabu-shabu meal for one person. I could not find out where exactly this restaurant is and what it is called (and if it is still there). Anyone knows about this?

Also there was a girl who went to a special self-service kind of ramen restaurant in Harajuku. On the outside there is a display where you chose a vacant spot and there are eating spots like in several internet cafés. You put the order on a piece of paper and press a button, a hatch is opened and the order is taken and later the ramen comes. Anyone knows this place?

Thanks in advance!
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Re: Kanda solo Shabu-shabu 2014/2/16 17:57
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Re: Kanda solo Shabu-shabu 2014/2/18 12:25
If it's shinshu-ya in Kanda, unfortunately I heard it was closed up already.
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Re: Kanda solo Shabu-shabu 2014/4/12 21:51
That's unfortunate. Are there no other solo-shabu-shabu restaurants in Tokyo? Or maybe they don't attract so much customers?
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