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breakfast 2014/2/15 07:43
Is it easy to find cereal in Japan? Any ideas where we can buy it near shin-nakano?
by flash1999  

Re: breakfast 2014/2/16 20:12
Yes. Every supermarket.
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Re: breakfast 2014/2/17 05:11
Great. Thanks
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Re: breakfast 2014/2/17 07:10
You can purchase many king of cereals at major supermarkets.

Near Shin-Nakano station, you can be purchased at Daikoku-ya, Machioka(Okashi-no-machioka) may sell cereals, I recommend you to go to Life supermarket near Nakano station and/or Seiyu supermarket in Nakano broadway. Life and Seiyu sell cereals cheaper than the other supermarkets and discount shops.
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Re: breakfast 2014/2/17 10:23
Just note that the selection may not be what you're used to. Usually there are corn flakes, frosted corn flakes, chocolate corn flake, some multigrain cereals and maybe granola. Anything more than that is hit or miss.
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