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visiting a high school in japan 2014/2/15 17:26

i am a university student in california, USA. i work for my university's magazine. i will be spending time in japan this summer (july 17 - aug 3). coincidentally, a graduate student from the education department is conducting a study about comparing western primary and secondary education to eastern primary and secondary education, and they are seeking help to gather information about how school is in countries like japan, south korea, china, taiwan, etc.

i offered to help take some photographs and maybe gather some info on how school is in japan. i know you can search this online, but i would like to take some photographs and talk to school staff in person.

i don't want to go to a high school uninvited or without permission. i am asking how to go about contacting a japanese high school so i can set up a visit and walk around the campus and maybe peek inside classrooms. i tried googling how to visit a japanese high school but the results are usually about "japanese homestay in high school" or "attending high school in japan". i am also looking to take photographs of japanese universities, but i assume it's easier to take photos of a university campus.

any help would be appreciated... i have already asked japanese professors at my university, and some recommended contacting cultural exchange centers in major cities and having those centers contact high schools who are willing to participate. i have already contacted them and i'm waiting for a response. just wanna know if anyone else has done this and how they did it. thank you!
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Re: visiting a high school in japan 2014/2/17 00:37
Schools in Japan welcome visitors all the time as long as they are contacted in advance, whether through an organization or by the individual.

The problem in your case, however, is that schools go into summer vacation around July 17th. So at least you have little chance of taking a look at ordinary school classes.

But I'm sure you could get a chance to talk to teachers and maybe have a tour around the school. Club activities might be going on.

Teachers don't speak English, though, and that counts most of the English class teachers. So it would be great if you can get hold of an interpreter or even a letter translated to Japanese.
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Re: visiting a high school in japan 2014/2/17 07:21
I think you or your school(university) need to make good connection with Japanese school individually or constitutionally.

It can be accepted to take school building and entrance photos but is strictly restricted to take pupils/staff photos due to rights/license matters. You do need confirmed permission in advance if you want to take people's photo. And also restricted to take pupil's art works and papers photo. These applies to Japanese parents too(not only for foreign visitors).

During July and August, the most of school closed due to the summer vacation. Some pupils and tutors(staff) still attend schools due to school activities reason but are only limited.
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