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Home Ownership 2014/2/17 03:03
Hi All,

I have just watched a programme on NHK/Jib called March to Recovery: Moving On: The Closure of the Last Evacuation Shelter.

Does anyone know what happens to the ownership of the property that is left behind by those who have had to moved to different ares in Japan to live?
Does the state buy the property at a knock down price?
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Re: Home Ownership 2014/2/17 14:39
The ownership of the property still remain to the original owner.

Japanese Government and Tokyo Electric Power Company may or may not announce that they might purchase the ownership of the evacuated area. But there are controversies ahead of this matter(who would pay for that? Japan Govt? Tokyo electric power co? taxpayer? If the owner declined the offer what will happen then? How much the land value? Who would take the responsibility of the process? etc)
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Re: Home Ownership 2014/2/17 23:44
If you're talking about property within the off-limits area near Fukushima Daiichi, TEPCO has agreed to pay compensation for residential lots and housings.

However, at least at the moment, this doesn't include farmland, graveyards and other various properties, and the area and conditions are limited.

The following websites are just for reference. I'm sorry that it's mainly in Japanese, but they do have toll-free numbers if you're interested.

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Re: Home Ownership 2014/2/18 02:15
Thank you tokyo friend 48 Ucco,

I will ask my wife to read the two links for me later today.It was very sad to see that the residents of Fubata having to give up their homes!

TTFN, Yahatacookie
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