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Sports Zyuen sells authentic Nike? 2014/2/22 07:43
while im walking at Ueno. i found a retail just a few shops next to UNIQLO Ueno and Ameya Yokocho gate, a sports outlet called Sports Zyuen and found their sells Price down Nike jackets just for 1050 yen, they said it was actually priced about 6000 yen. At that time i was thinking Japan is unlikely to selling a fake items especially on that place jn frint of Ueno Station and Area that so touristy i guess, so i decided to buy it. But this is just to make sure, are these outlets sellig authentic items especially for Nike?. Seems this retail had a few outlets in most important Tokyo area. I've checked the websites but its difficult to be translated by google as mostly the text come from images.

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Re: Sports Zyuen sells authentic Nike? 2014/2/22 16:24
I'm afraid there are some fakes in Ameyoko, their targets are Japanese people though.
A store is always having a going out of business sale.

There are notorious area around Uguisudani, Ueno and Sanya, it never mean dangerous though.
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Re: Sports Zyuen sells authentic Nike? 2014/4/10 10:53
Oh so there is a possibility we might get fake items from Japan?

I just ordered from stuffs from Sportszyuen online too (Arena competitive swim jammers, Speedo Fastskin3 competitive swim cap and Speedo Fastskin3 competitive goggles) They are not that cheap but much cheaper than if we get it from US (about 50% off)

I am hoping my items are authentic! Can anyone else help to give comments on Sportszyuen or if fakes are available in Japan? My impression of sellers in Japan are they sell only authentic stuffs (coz I know Japanese have high standards) so I am a bit surprised to read that some of these stores may be selling fakes? IF that's the case, I will just stop buying... those that I have already bought, I will treat it as "bad investment" haha

Can someone shed more light?

Thank you v much! Ari-gato-gozai-masu!
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Re: Sports Zyuen sells authentic Nike? 2014/4/12 14:06
Although I can't ensure anything, of corse SportsZyuen is a major store so they seem to sell authentic. I heard they sell the outlet/discontinued lines cheaper.
But also that area is famous for the fakes called super-copy or something from overseas. Please be careful.

BTW, on January 2014, the fakes of Chan Luu's were sold even in the second-class department stores.(They rented a questionable seller their space.)
Needless to say, the fakes are sold in Japan.
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Re: Sports Zyuen sells authentic Nike? 2014/4/14 02:44
Years ago I was in Ameyokocho and a young Caucasian guy had a table full of Louis Vuitton bags.
The ones with the LV all over. They HAD to be fake..

I was surprised that the police didn't confiscate the bags and gave him trouble, as Vuitton is known to be tough with sellers of fake Vuitton stuff.
Some tourists coming back to Europe and North America with fakes Vuitton have been heavily fined and the stuff confiscated...

Mind you I didn't come back a few hours later to see if he was still around..

I also saw booths with US Army uniforms... for one thing they looked too new, for another they were sized for young slim Japanese guys...not the average husky US guy...
Even I, a 5' 6" 150 Lbs Caucasian, can't fit in medium size Japanese sport coats..
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Re: Sports Zyuen sells authentic Nike? 2014/4/14 20:14
Thanks all for your comments.

I am really shocked there are fakes in Japan.
I like buying things online from Japan because I feel their items are trendy, well-stocked and they provide excellent service. And I feel Japanese have a high standard of living hence fakes won't be in demand.

However, now that I am kept informed of possible fakes, I think I must be very careful. I always order from Sports ZYuen. I hope they sell authentic stuffs. Their items are indeed nice ... don't look fake but I think I better limit my online shopping. haha.

Thank you again :)
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