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Information on Irumagawa, Saitama 2004/11/3 23:01
We will be visiting Inariyama-koen, Iruma, Shinden Village and Sayama City in the Spring. We would also like to visit the Japanese Air Self-Defense Force base located at Irumagawa. Is it possible to gain admission to this military base - formerly known as Johnson Air Station. Please send contact information and other info on maps, sightseeing, hotels, restaurants, etc. Thank you very much for your help. Tom McGrain in Worcester, Massachusetts.
by Tom McGrain  

Iruma 2004/11/4 16:38

I very much doubt that you will be allowed onto the SDF base without some sort of official invitation. There is an annual open day and air show there, although I think it is in late summer or autumn.
If you are plane enthusiast, were you aware of the museum at Tokorozawa, which is close to Sayama? The nearest station is Kokukoen, one stop north of Tokorozawa on the Seibu Shinjuku Line.
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JAFB 2005/11/26 15:23

Tom, Do you want to visit Iruma AFB because you are a former dependant like me? I used to live in JAFB from 1967-1969. E-mail me and I might have some contacts for you.

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Johnson Air Station 2005/12/27 06:30
I used to live at Johnson, as well, from 68-69. I'd be interested in corresponding.
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I used to live in Hyde Park 2006/2/1 15:45
What a surprise to happen upon this website. I was born at Johnson (1958)and lived there until 1971. My dad was stationed there. I'd be interested to see pictures of what it looks like now or to connect with people who lived there at that time.
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I lived at JAFB 1959-61 2006/2/5 16:15
I'm so happy I've found this site. I'm trying to find maps of Shinden Village where I used to live "off base" and have been unsuccessful. Are any of you still monitoring this site? If so, I'd love to Correspond. Skeeter Funge Gurzick
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JAFB 2006/2/9 02:39
I am also trying to get to Irumagawa, Saitama to visit my old childhood haunts. I understand the old base housing at Johnson has been turned into a lovely park. Does anyone have any information on the community?
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I lived at johnson 1960-63 2006/2/11 13:34
I am trying to find info on Johnson AFB including pics. I was an Air Force brat and my parents are no longer living, so I can't get info from them. Does anyone remember Tachi burgers?
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Johnson Air Base, Japan 2006/2/26 16:07
Actually, the old Johnson Air Base did not change to a JSDF base. The JSDF base was already there. JSDF was flying T-33 fighter aircraft and transport planes from there when I was at Johnson in 1963-65.
I have visited the site of the old Johnson Air Base and it is mostly used by school buildings and apartments now.
It was the old Tachikawa Air Base that was changed to a park. I have been there and it is very nice, occupying much of the old base area.
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Johnson AB '59-'63 2006/3/25 14:00
Hi Mary,
I lived in Ichiban village right off Johnson Air Base from '59-'63. I was very young, but attended Hilltop School and Yukai school as well. I'd love to talk.
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Lee & Mary 2006/5/12 15:01
I was AF dependant at Johnson from 1959 - 1961 then we moved to Tachi from '61 to 63. We lived at Shinden Village. I know where Ichiban was. Also attended the same schools as you. I still have the yearbooks from Johnson. Would love to communicate with you both.
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Johnson Air Force Base 2006/5/24 10:03
I am looking for a map of Johnson Air Force Base inIrumagawa, Japan. Can Anyone help
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Johnson AFB High School website 2006/6/6 23:51
You all need to go to the JHS website you can get a lot of info about Johnson AFB and will, I'm sure, find old classmates who are waiting to hear from you;
there is a chatroom and bulletin board that you may find interesting. Good luck
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Many buildings were still standing 2006/6/12 04:13
I visited the old Johnson AFB when I was an English teacher in Japan in 2002. It was kind of creepy. I walked the perimeter of the base and took pictures of several old American houses that where still standing. I could recognize them from my child hood. I sort of felt like an astronaut who had been lost in space for many years, only to find my old world in ruins. :) When I get back from my army reserve mobilization tour, I will try to post some of my pictures. I am glad there are others who share an interest in this place with me. Hyde Park is excellent. Do go there when you visit Japan. I have many happy memories of Johnson AFB. Iruma has become sort of like a private shrine to me. Next time I go there, I am just going to build up courage to ask the guard if I can go in to see the old American areas. I might start with the Yokota AFB Public Affairs officer. They have a web site. Even if you are not military, I am sure they will respond to an e-mail and even let a US Civilian with a valid passport permission to take a nickle tour of Yokota as well.
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Also looking for Johnson AFB links 2006/7/2 23:46
My father(Larry Ludwig), who passed away 6-22-06, was a member of the Johnson Vanguard air force team that won the Far East "Rice Bowl" game in 1957(?). I was looking for any information I could find about that period. Does anybody have any good links?
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Johnson 2006/8/3 19:10
They also have a Johnson site with MSN.
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JHS 2006/8/4 17:15
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amazing to have found this.. 2006/8/6 08:45
My father was stationed at JAFB 1955-1958. At first we lived off base next to a tea paddy and then move on base (outside across the railroad)
I was pretty young (4-7). My father used to fly General Gendha around. (I have the pictures.)

I remember the Officer's club used to stock fish in the pool during the winter, and Miyoshi Umeki's brother did charcoal sketches at the Cclub.

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map 2006/8/7 06:53
Monty, this link has the drawn map of JAB but the MSNgroup and the Yokotagroup has aerial photo maps of JAB.

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Johnson Vangaurd Far East Rice Bowl 2006/8/10 13:32
Dear Greg,
I was member of JAB Championship Rice Bowl
football team in 57 and 58. I
knew your dad very well. I am
sorry to hear that he has passed away. try to call me
at this number 216-451-2711
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