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Work related to meteorology in Japan 2014/2/26 06:47
Hello, I'm 25 and I'm studyin meteorology in the college and I'm about to get the degree. I went to an industrial high school finishing it as a Electromechanical Technician.
I've been Studying Japanese for more than 2 years, I got the N5 and also the TOEFL.

In 2015 I'm thinking on going to Japan as a tourist, and maybe in a few years, go with the idea of working.

It's a hard to find information about that speciality so I'm wondering if anyone knows how it's going on this.

If you need more info tell me please.

+I've been working 5 years in the goverment as a technician.
+My degree, also called bachelor's degree, seems to be the "Associate's Degree" in other countries, what I know, is that its 40%~ of the licentiate/Master.
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Re: Work related to meteorology in Japan 2014/2/27 01:45
My gut feeling is that there are enough basic meteorologist in Japan that are Japanese nationals and native speakers, so there would not be need for foreign meteorologist.

I would guess that your best bet for working in meteorology field in Japan would be study more until you would get a doctor's degree. Then you might be able to lecture about meteorology in some university, if you are very good in your specialty. Or maybe do some research.

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Re: Work related to meteorology in Japan 2014/2/27 04:10
You are correct, there is more oportunities in the IT field.
Thanks for the advice!
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