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Electrical question 2014/2/27 07:17
I have a laptop computer with a 3 pin plug from Australia.
I notice there are only 2 pin sockets in nozawa ownsen.
I did buy an adaptor from Australia for Japan but both sides are 2 pin only.
My question is how can I plug my 3 pin laptop computer cord into a Japanese socket?
I've thought about cutting off the 3rd earth pin on my laptop cable plug, that way it should work but won't earth but that should not matter..??
I'd be grateful for assistance here.
by Greg the egg  

Re: Electrical question 2014/2/27 11:06
You have a few options:

1. if your 2 pin adapter is the compact type similar to this one you may be able to use it and just have the grounding pin free.

2. buy a more universal plug adapter that accepts 3 pin plugs. Something like this:



3. replace the plug end cord of your laptop charger with a JP compatible cord. Something like this:


4. remove the grounding pin from your laptop charger. You'll lose the capability to ground your device, but at least in Japan it won't matter because it wouldn't be grounded anyway.
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Re: Electrical question 2014/2/27 20:55
That's a great help and I think I'll go for option 4 in lieu of option 3, appreciate your assistance 🍻
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