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Android flip phones? 2014/3/2 23:50
I want to buy a Japanese flip phone that I can use on the at&t network in the USA, and also take with me if I move to Japan in the winter. I really like the Sharp 007sh, but it's almost two years old now. Are there any comparable models that are newer than that, but less expensive than, say, the Galaxy Golden?
by Jim Perry (guest)  

Re: Android flip phones? 2014/3/4 21:08
I'm not familiar with how your contracts work or do not work if you are living outside of Japan, but hardware-wise, how about IS14SH which is a slide-type Android phone and has touch screen as well as phyisical keys.
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Re: Android flip phones? 2014/3/29 15:35
I have both of the sharp hybrid android phones (slider and flip). Both are through softbank, I think they are the only carrier who offers this style of phone in Japan. However, for your your circumstance, these phones won't work because softbank is carrier locked. People do unlock them, but it is difficult and expensive, and kinda sketchy. You are better off buying a different phone from another carrier or country unlocked online.
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Re: Android flip phones? 2014/4/12 08:55
Check US 3G frequencies before purchasing.

Unlocked [older, non-Android] Japanese flip-phones are easily purchased on ebay for about 100 ($167) from reliable retailers. The newer Android ones are probably more.

There is nothing sketchy about unlocking them or buying an unlocked one but customs may well charge you import duty because of the cost of the item. Note that the rechargers are usually sold separately. You may need a FOMA charger or at least a FOMA/USB adaptor, depending on the model.

A Japanese flip-phone is an object of beauty and they are just like you see being used in the Jdramas. You won't regret getting one (if it works in the US). Make sure it has 1Seg TV capability for when you get to Japan.
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