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request crossing traffic sound 2014/3/3 02:20
i have been japan for 3 weeks and February

i notice there is a very cute crossing traffic sound. (like a bird, phew...phew phew)

may i know where can i find it as my phone ringtone.

can somebody help me? if any japanese here have Shamzam, please help me recognizes the sound. Thanks a lot.

Sample: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sGQ7leJTNc0
by Shawn (guest)  

Re: request crossing traffic sound 2014/3/4 05:21
How about this?
Please do not use this in Japan.
This is for visually impaired.

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Re: request crossing traffic sound 2014/3/4 06:12

Wow. Thanks lot. I use it for my ringtone in Malaysia.

Singouki Yuudou01-4L.mp3 very close to what I want.

May I know do you have the ringtone like below:

biu.... biu biu......biu....biu biu....biu....biu biu...

the 2nd tone combine together. If dont have then never mind,

here I thanks a lot to you. Arigatou gozaimasu :)
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