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Kamen rider stuff in tokyo 2014/3/5 19:49
Heading to toyko next month, but aint sure where's the best place to search for sentia or kamen rider figurines, toys, etc..

Tried akihabara area on my last trip but didnt yield a good haul :( seems that area was mostly for anime goods..

Any advice on places with lots sentai and kamen rider stuff? Really appreciate it!! :)
by Sado (guest)  

Re: Kamen rider stuff in tokyo 2014/3/6 08:26
Hakuhinkan Toy Park in Giza is the biggest toy shop in Japan. Hakuhinkan sells Kamen rider goods.

Kiddy Land Harajuku, toys wonderland(3F) also has a huge range of kamen rider goods.

Tokyo Takarajima(Tokyo Treasure Island) in Tokyo Dome City is another large toy shop where sells Kamen rider & Sentai goods.

Yodobashi Camera, Games & hobby BLDG in Shinjuku also sell some rider goods.

I don't think you can find Kamen rider goods in Akihabara(except limited goods).

Some classic rider goods can be found at Mandarake, Nakano head store at premium prices(very expensive).
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Re: Kamen rider stuff in tokyo 2014/3/6 13:55
Dude you could go to the new toei hero world? Its like a toku museum for super sentai and kamen riders, looks pretty awesome, but i've havent been there yet though..

Oh btw the stores tokyo guest 48 mentioned, are they retail outlets? I hear some of them sell stuff at cheaper prices and such, but never got around to explore further.. Most stores sell the toys aimed towards children and not the figure arts that collectors aim to get am i right?
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