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Toyoko Inn Managers 2014/3/5 22:06
Why are all the managers at Toyoko Inn Hotels slightly older than middle aged mature women..?? It just seems strange that they are all women and never men.
Has anyone else ever noticed this..?
by JumpinJackFlash (guest)  

Re: Toyoko Inn Managers 2014/3/6 09:09
Toyoko Inn founder and the first president Nishida recruited female staff especially those who are single mothers as apart of Toyoko Inn social activity. Therefore there are many female staff still working at Toyoko Inn.
But Nishida didn't pay overtime wages, declined workers union decision, ignored maternity leave etc... Nishida did a little good thing but done lots of dad things too(some cases gone into court).
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Re: Toyoko Inn Managers 2014/3/6 11:02
To add, not all of the managers are older females. I have come across the rare male manager. Or a younger female one.

I think I've stayed at far too many Toyokos in my travels....
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Re: Toyoko Inn Managers 2014/3/6 20:33
Cheers Tokyo Friend. Interesting indeed!!
I stay at a lot of Toyoko Inns as well... love looking at all the managers photos when i book online.
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Re: Toyoko Inn Managers 2014/3/14 07:39
Well as i'm sure you know it's a company policy to hire women, there are not many men working in the hotels at all. As to why the mangers tend to be older, i dare say many have been in the job for 15+ years.
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