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Gifts for japanese guide 2014/3/11 07:08

a friend and me travel tokyo next week and we meet an older couple (age around 50), they visit edo museum and g-cans with us.

We wanna give them a little gift from germany. But we don't know what they like, so we hope someone can help us. What is a good gift (especially from germany) for an older japanese couple?

Thanks a lot!

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Re: Gifts for japanese guide 2014/3/11 13:04
Food is a typical gift to give in Japan and every place in Japan has their own specialty foods for either omiyage (small presents) or to eat at restaurants.

If there's some interesting candies, teas or anything that you can take from Germany into Japan to give them they will probably enjoy those.

If not food, anything cultural based will also be appreciated as a nice thank you. Just don't make it too big or expensive or they might feel awkward.
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Re: Gifts for japanese guide 2014/3/13 06:58
mit sicherheit Haribo, ist nie falsch :-)
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Re: Gifts for japanese guide 2014/3/17 09:49
I think the best gift to give is an unique item from your country or city. Each country or city has something special to repent your area. It might be a special food or treat or decoration, whatever you give will be appreciated.
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