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Best Mobile Wifi Rental For Skype? 2014/3/14 00:26

HI everyone, I've been reading all the related threads on here and I've still come to a bit of a dead end.

The basic story is that I'm after a Mobile Wifi or Data Sim Card rental for me stay in Japan, which starts on the 19th of this month. After recommendation on here I went with Global Advanced Communications, but they're unfortunately sold out until the 24th.

So my main requirement is that I need a device that is going to be rock solid for Skype. I have very important job interview that unfortunately takes place whilst I'm in Japan so they're going to allow me to Skype in. But as you can imagine, reliability is of huge importance. Are the sims too slow for this when compared to wifi, etc?
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Re: Best Mobile Wifi Rental For Skype? 2014/3/14 12:27
Can you do the interview from your hotel room? Most hotel has fast and free internet though in many cases it may be wired only (no wifi). But you can get a small wifi router for about $20.
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Re: Best Mobile Wifi Rental For Skype? 2014/3/14 18:03
Hi, I have used pupuru so many times but they never runs out stocks from my experience.
They rent Emobile wifi device and I used it for a talk on skype with my Sony phone, it worked perfectly.
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Re: Best Mobile Wifi Rental For Skype? 2014/3/18 14:35
I used www.rentafonejapan.com/ when I visited last. I ordered after arriving and they delivered next day.
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Re: Best Mobile Wifi Rental For Skype? 2014/3/31 00:59
I have used rentafonejapan many times for phones - when the amount of usage I knew I would need would make my carrier's roaming charges higher than the cost of renting the phone. They do also rent pocket wifis

Justin ( the proprietor) charges lower rates than anyone else, and provides good service. Whatever you rent from him will be waiting in your hotel room.

If the only thing you need wifi for is the call - you might check if your hotel offers it. I don't know what kind of hotel you are staying in - "business" hotels offer at least wired internet in your room, and most offer in-room wifi as well. (I always carry a small "travel router" that I can plug into the ethernet connection in my hotel. As someone mentioned, you can get one pretty cheap.)

Or if you have a rental phone from rentafone, you can use their discounted rates to just telephone in to your interview.
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