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Gifts for neighbor 2014/3/14 03:30

I'll be moving to a Leo Palace's 1K room in a rural area in Japan next month. There are eight rooms in the apartment complex I'll be living. Should I bring or buy gifts to my neighbors as courtesy?

What kinds of gifts are appropriate in this situation?

by yulia (guest)  

Re: Gifts for neighbor 2014/3/14 13:51
Although the gift is not expected, only greeting is enough.

Last year I moved, I bought cheap cookies about 1000yen in a department store.
(preserved a long time, small quantity and easy to eat)
And I took the rooms next door and above/below.
If inhabitant is always not in the room, I hanged it with a message-card in a bag from doorknob.
After he got it, he called on me to say "Nice to meet you and thanks for the gift".

Umm... excuse my poor English.
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Re: Gifts for neighbor 2014/3/17 09:03
You don't need to give everyone in the apartment building a gift if you don't want to. You can just greet your neighbours on either side and possibly above or below you.

I've been given dish towel sets, small laundry soap packs and snacks before. But I agree that just a short greeting would be okay, too.

Or you can forgo doing it as I find people in LeoPalaces seem more transient and don't always worry about traditional greetings to neighbours.
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Re: Gifts for neighbor 2014/3/17 21:59
As suggested, a short greeting is enough, but a small gift would be a good excuse for that greeting. It will also make it easier to let them remember you, especially if a roommate was absent.

Hey, what's that towel/cookie you got there?

Oh, our new neighbor gave us these. He seemed nice.
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