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Where to get cheap & nice eats at Takayama? 2014/3/17 18:34

Will be visiting Takayama next week. Please share where to find cheap & nice eats near Hodakaso Yamanoiori ?

Feel free to share other must-eat / must-buy / must-visit near this ryokan.

By the way, do we still find snow next week ?

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Re: Where to get cheap & nice eats at Takayama ? 2014/3/17 23:55
You're pretty much right in the centre of town. Takayama is a small town. You can walk across it in half an hour.

If you take a quick circular stroll around the ryokan you'll find all sorts of food at all sorts of prices. Really, you'll be fine.

As for types of food and drink, Takayama is famous for Hida beef (available in many guises), sake, and hoba miso. If you're staying in a ryokan - assuming you're taking dinner and breakfast there - you'll probably get to try all of these things without leaving the ryokan.
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Re: Where to get cheap & nice eats at Takayama? 2014/3/18 13:26
Hi Winter Visitor,

Thanks for your reply. Aside to the hida beef available inside the ryokan, any other do u recommend outside ?

On a separate note, any idea which morning market is better with more variety ? Jinya-mae or Miyagawa market ?

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Re: Where to get cheap & nice eats at Takayama? 2014/3/19 00:56
Honestly, Takayama is so small that you'll soon see all the food on offer if you just take a quick walk around. Most restaurants are either on the main street that runs north from the JR Station (leave the station, go maybe one or two blocks to your left, and then the main road runs north (to your right)).

At the corner where the main road crosses the river, there's a caf serving Hida beef burgers which are good. Diagonally opposite that, you have a good rice-bowl place with excellent beef on rice and cold beers. And if you go into the little old streets (the most famous bit of the centre - you can't miss it), then you have street-side places selling beef sushi, beef onigiri, etc. One of the sake places on those little streets has an excellent restaurant which does sake tasting all day, as well as lunch and dinner with good food and plenty of choices (including shabu-shabu for one, for instance which you won't find everywhere. They also do great childrens' meals).

Re. morning markets; I'll say it again - the town is so small that you may as well see them both.
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