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Japanese ceiling lights 2014/3/17 23:18

When staying in ryokans, it seems common to find a particular kind of ceiling light. If possible, I would like to find one to fit in our new home in the UK.

They fit direct to the ceiling (i.e. they don't hang down on a cord), they are approximately 15cm deep and approximately 45cm square. They are like a lattice, or grid, with thin slats of pale wood separated by opaque white paper or plastic (in imitation of a sliding paper door).

The main thing that I love about them (apart from the design) is that they have a pull-cord which cycles the light through varying degrees of brightness. If I remember correctly, they have a small circular fluorescent tube light, as well as a regular light bulb. One pull on the cord will turn on the regular bulb to give a dim light; a further pull on the cord will give a brighter light (possibly from the fluorescent tube), and a third pull on the cord will give an even brighter light (which, I think, consists of both the bulb and the tube being on at the same time). A final pull on the cord will turn all lights off.

My two questions are:
1) Have I described this sufficiently so that anyone out there knows what I'm talking about? (I hope so!)

2) Does anyone know what these lights are called, who makes them and how to get hold of them in Japan, and/or how to buy them in the UK?

Thanks very much. I've tried some web searching, but I suspect I'm not using the correct terms as I'm not getting any results.

I've seen these kind of three-mode lights in pretty much all the ryokans I've stayed in, so my guess is that they're commonly available in Japan.
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Re: Japanese ceiling lights 2014/3/18 08:55
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Re: Japanese ceiling lights 2014/3/18 11:28
I have used ceilings lights in Japan that are operated with a remote control..now that is even better than a cord.
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Re: Japanese ceiling lights 2014/3/18 14:28
you may find a similar one in www.amazon.co.jp with the words "Ɩ a".
Be sure that electricity in Japan is 100V AC, 50or60 Hz. you need a converter.
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Re: Japanese ceiling lights 2014/3/19 00:48
Thanks a lot, ladies and gentlemen. I'll have a proper look at the links later, when I have access to a PC and can use a translation site.

I *think* my problem will be the voltage, but your links have got me further than I was able to get on my own, so thanks very much. We just don't have those kind of lamps in the UK, and I think they're ingenious, as well as very stylish.

If anyone has any other suggestions, please post them. Thank you.
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