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ISPs for online gaming 2014/3/18 23:54
I was thinking of contracting a mobile wifi service (either Wimax or LTE) to use as a home internet and mobile wifi for my smartphone.

One concern I have is whether such a system will be suitable for my expected usage at home. In particular would be for online gaming usage. I play online games regularly (mostly multiplayer games such as World of Tanks, War Thunder...etc).

I did use a CATV connection that was provided in a rented mansion before but found out they blocked a required port after the game client downloaded an update patch using a P2P port. I guess some ISPs are rather strict and don't care what's been downloaded over a P2P port and puts a blanket block on that port...

Anyways, I just wanted to find out if anyone has any idea what are some of the ISPs out there that are more online game-friendly and won't block my ports or throttle my speeds?

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Re: ISPs for online gaming 2014/3/20 17:56
I donLt know about providers but just a tip any form of wireless connection is a no go for games.

If you play RTS itLs not a problem but in any other form of game you will be frustrated about the package lost.
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Re: ISPs for online gaming 2014/3/26 10:21
Sorry for the late response, got to Japan recently and had no internet till now

Thanks for your reply and advice, I didn't realize that latency would be an issue with these pocket wifi devices.

Thanks anyway! :)
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