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To buy Cinderella's costumes 2014/3/19 20:42
My grand-daughter wants Cinderella's costumes to use in her 4 years old birthday party in June. I will stay in Tokyo from April 1st.until 6th, so I want to know where can I buy Cinderella's costumes and shoes there, Tokyo Disneyland? Ikspiari? I have to buy admission ticket only to buy them? Please, help me, because I couldn't find any answer in Tokyo Disneyland official site. Thank you very much.
by CinderellaLs grandma (guest)  

Re: To buy Cinderella's costumes 2014/3/20 10:27
To buy at Ikspiari you don't need a txt to Disneyland- it is outside of the complex.

Any shops inside you would need a txt for.

Not sure where in the world you come from but places like Toys R Us have costumes- but perhaps you are looking for a high end Disneyland exclusive costume?

There was definitely a store inside Disneyland that had little girls costumes- higher end than the toy store variety- it was near the Princess Castle and Merry-go-round.

Hope you find what you're looking for.
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Re: To buy Cinderella's costumes 2014/3/20 10:55
It looks like they sell in the store called Disney Mercantile Disneyland hotel.
However, it is possible to be sold out.
I think You had better check with the hotel is good.
(You can also buy other guests at the hotel)
http://www.disneyhotels.jp/tdh/english/facilities/index.html # shop
I did not only find the telephone number of the hotel.
's Is written at the bottom, it is a query number of Disneyland Hotel.
Official site is here.
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Re: To buy Cinderella's costumes 2014/3/20 11:02
When asked to Disney Mercantile, costume Cinderella 100 ~ 150cm
Use seems certain.
There is also to be sold out, the next time exactly when the goods are in stock, so vary by size
That's right do not know.
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Re: To buy Cinderella's costumes 2014/3/20 19:46
Takara Tomy sales Cinderella's costume as well as Ariel and Aurora.

The size of the costume is
Width:420mm, Height:900mm, Depth:60mm


The price is originally 3,600 YEN(+Tax) per costume. But it available cheaper than its original price.

At Yodomashi Camera stores, as far as I know, Yodobashi-Akiba in Akihabara(I guess 6th floor), Yodobashi Nishiguchi Honten(West exit Head store) in Shinjuku(I guess Games and Hobby Bldg) and Yodobashi-Multimedia Ueno No.2 Bldg(2nd floor) in Ueno for around 2,255 YEN(+Tax).
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Re: To buy Cinderella's costumes 2014/3/20 21:16
Thanks a lot, Jojo, haro, tokyo friend 48. ILm Brazilian and as ILm going to Japan in April, my daughter asked me to buy original Cinderella's costume to her daughter. What a grandma donLt do for grand daughter, isnLt it?. . . Thanks again for all these informations.
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