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Is Akiyoshi-dai visit feasible? 2014/3/21 08:33
Hi all,

In October we're staying for a month in Japan. At one point we'll be staying 2 nights at Miyajima and then heading back to Tokyo afterwards.

After booking accommodation I've realised I'd really like to go see the caves at Akiyoshi-dai. My question is whether they'd be worth (and if I would be crazy to try and do this) visiting from Miyajima and then loop back to Tokyo from there?

I know it's a 5 hour+ journey from Miyajima to Tokyo. Are there any natural sights similar to the caves on the way back that we could break up the journey with instead?

Also, if we do end up going to Akiyoshi-dai, what are the best transport options from Miyajima?

Thanks for your responses in advance!
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Re: Is Akiyoshi-dai visit feasible? 2014/3/21 10:45
Hi! :)

The Akiyoshi Cave is really nice.
It's possibe if you start your day very early, but it will be a rushed day.
From Miyajima take a train to JR Yamaguchi Station. From there take a bus to Mine City. You can ask at the tourist information center (very small) at Yamaguchi Station.

You'd then go back to Yamaguchi Station, take a train to Shin-Yamaguchi and then the Shinkanen to Tokyo.
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Re: Is Akiyoshi-dai visit feasible? 2014/3/23 14:56
Actually, you could just take the bullet train down to Shin-Yamaguchi Stn, and catch a Botcho bus (43 min; 1140 yen) to Akiyoshidai.
One of the better non-Nozomi connections leaves at 7:12 AM and you arrive at Shin-Yamaguchi at about 8:30. Although you'd actually be backtracking a bit and going via Hiroshima for the fast bullet train.
It is doable, but the way back alone will be about 5.5-6 hours on the train.
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Re: Is Akiyoshi-dai visit feasible? 2014/3/24 12:51
Thank you both for the details about transport! That makes things much clearer now that it's been written out.

I think we might try and organise to set off early that day then. Most of out trip is cultural sights rather than natural sites so I'm still really keen.

Any other suggestions for natural sightseeing in Honshu between Miyajima and Tokyo?
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Re: Is Akiyoshi-dai visit feasible? 2014/3/24 16:08
Akiyoshido is impressive and definitely a great addition for anyone looking to add variety to their itinerary. Akiyoshidai gets less attention, but it's also worth a stroll if you have time.

The Sanyo and Tokaido Main Lines unfortunately don't offer a lot of great natural sites, at least not really those that you can quickly access.

Here are some that are somewhat directly on the lines between Tokyo and Miyajima:

There are islands to enjoy that sort of nature in the Seto Inland Sea (although Miyajima can do that).

Lake Biwa is nice. There is an island in the center with a temple that you can take a boat to, but even without that, there are nice places around the lake to view it with the mountains in the distance.

Views of Mount Fuji are (or can be) easy to access. There are some nice tea fields from which you can take good pictures:


Most other spots will require detours, such as Shikoku, the San-in Coast, etc.

It also depends on the caliber of site you are looking for. Akiyoshido is top-knotch, but a place like Kurama in Kyoto can also be nice for a little nature.
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