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Request to visit workplace 2014/3/21 11:21
Hi all,

I'll be in Tokyo in October this year and as part of my stay I was hoping to visit some of the research laboratories at the university (I work in a lab as well so it wouldn't just be a general public thing).

I was wondering a few things:
1. Would it be appropriate for me to write my request email in English, or should I include some basic phrases I've started to learn? Would that be impressive and welcomed or just look like a child trying to communicate?

2. If I write in English, what would be the appropriate level of politeness for a phD student to address a professor?

3. Are high level academics generally schooled in a little English so that I'd actually get something out of it if I were to go?

4. Will I need business cards?

5. Would it be rude to offer to present my own work to the research group when I'm not looking for a position?

I know this is a little bit of an odd question, but thanks for any responses.
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Re: Request to visit workplace 2014/3/22 17:49
if you want to visit labs of scientific fields in universities, professors and research staffs understand English.
1. Writing in English is OK. no problem. they communicate with foreign researchers mostly in English.
2. Just the same way in your country. I think most of professors have experiences studying in foreign countries.
3. they understand English.
4. No. not necessary. Japanese students do not have cards. cards are only for business.
5. I think they welcome to listen your research. I think you should bring some data in USB to present your research . Microsoft powerpoint files are very popular in Japan.

before you decide the date to visit, you should send e-mail to ask they have a time. October is a busy season when many scientific conferences are held every year.
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Re: Request to visit workplace 2014/3/22 23:03
If you have a reference from your supervisor, then the all things will go well. You must have a superviser or someone equivalent if you work in a lab.
Your professor must have a connection with the Japanese professor through academic association or research activities.

It's normally professors don't make an appointment without a reference. They don't know whom you are and for security purpose. If you are a Ph.D student and want to study in his/her lab, that's make sense(you must proof that you are in a MS degree program or B Hon degree).
The letter or email can be written in English or the language appropriates.
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