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Tea shops in Osaka 2014/3/22 23:12
Where can I find shops selling matcha teas (including materials like the whisk, scoop and bowls) and other teas and clay tea pots? (Preferably shops which sells at lower costs)
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Re: Tea shops in Osaka 2014/3/23 22:02
There seems to be sells that the tool of Japanese tea in shop of Douguya-suji syotengai.
(It is places like the Kappa-bashi Dougugai of Tokyo)
The tool shop of Japanese tea, there is also a shop called Shibahashi syouten.
(Location is some distance away)
Cheap tool also seems to sell.
Chuo-ku, Osaka Shimanouchi 2-9-26 (with) Shibahashi store building 1F
http://www.shibahashi.net/store/ # map
Maybe, cheap tea, sells super or Don Quixote(Donki-shop).
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