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Kaiseki Tokyo Suggestion 2014/3/23 13:01
Hi. I would like to try a nice kaiseki restaurant to celebrate a special occasion in Tokyo. My maximum budget is 14,000 Yen. But obviously if there is something less expensive that is nice, I would prefer to spend less. Any suggestions?
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Re: Kaiseki Tokyo Suggestion 2014/3/23 22:11
I think I've never eat me, but Toufuyaukai is a good shop.
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Re: Kaiseki Tokyo Suggestion 2014/3/23 22:29
Soujuan in Keio Plaza Hotel (Shinjuku) serves good "kaiseki" - their dinner course starts at 11,000 yen per person, but this is a reduced-in-volume course. I would recommend at least the next price level, which is 13,000 yen per person (taxes included); drinks are separate.


If you love "tofu," this tofu restaurant called Hakkakuan (in Tokyo Opera City, in Hatsudai, near Shinjuku) has "kaiseki" course mainly with tofu, vegetables, and some seafood (just a bit of meat) at 4,500 yen. More casual place, but good view as it is located on the top floor of this high-rise building.

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Re: Kaiseki Tokyo Suggestion 2014/3/24 07:59
If you can have for lunch, Juhaku in Kudanshita has traditional kaiseki ryori. They offer the same dishes as the night time but for lunch they have the special low price as introduced by NHK World.
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Re: Kaiseki Tokyo Suggestion 2014/3/24 11:38
Just to clarify a bit, when non-kaiseki restaurants offer a "kaiseki course," it just means "deluxe menu" - it's not the same as traditional kaiseki cuisine.

I quite like Kikunoi, and you can get lunch there for around Y11,000 the last time I checked. http://www.bento.com/rev/2364.html
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