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Prepaid SIM needed for holidays (10days) 2014/3/24 21:53
Dear all,

I will be in Japan for holidays by the end of the week. I would like to use my iphone 5 (german) with a japanese prepaid SIM for surfing (especially maps and translation).
I googled a lot and found some weird info about how difficult it is with japanese prepaid SIM cards.

What I need is: Prepaid SIM for surfing (calls are a plus but no need for), I will stay for 10 days, so 500MB will be ok

What are my options? Where can I buy the SIM cards? How much are they?

Thank you very much for your help/experience
by JennyMeier (guest)  

Re: Prepaid SIM needed for holidays (10days) 2014/3/25 11:45
If you actually read this forum, you'll see that dozens upon dozens of people have already asked this question.
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Re: Prepaid SIM needed for holidays (10days) 2014/3/28 08:53
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