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How to obtain Koseki tohon from the USA 2014/3/29 14:29
I've been searching around but i cant find the right thread as there are so many...

I am a full Japanese born in the states, how do i obtain a koseki tohon?
Do i have to travel all the way to my fathers home town or is there a way to obtain it without physically going to japan.
I need it to register my Japanese wife.

I've checked embassy websites but they only have it explained in Japanese and vaguely in English, and the emails that i have sent to them only get replied with a vague response directing me to the Japanese explanation.

Is there a site where it explains everything step by step in english?

Thanks in advance.
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Re: How to obtain Koseki tohon from the USA 2014/3/29 20:21
It's very hard to obtain a copy of Koseki-tohon from overseas.

The easiest way is get the copy via your relatives(Grand father/mother, father/mother, son/daughter, Grand son/daughter) except your siblings who live in Japan currently.

If you don't have a relative who live in Japan currently,

ask the city office where your Koseki is registered, you can use an International Postal Money Order for the payment, and, International Reply Coupon for the postage.
Credit card payment, bank check and paypal are not accepted.

If the city office accepts both International Postal Money Order and International Reply Coupon, send a claim form of Koseki-tohon with the money order and coupon.
You meed to print;

*Your full name
*Your current residential address in the states
*Your email address and Fax Number(if you have)
*The relationship with the householder(son or daughter, or, 1st son or 2nd daughter etc)
*The legal domicile address(ask your father or mother)
*The name of the householder's name(normally your father but ask your father or mother)
*The person you need to prove(Your full name)
*Your date of birth(YY/MM/DD)
*The category of prove(full household or selected member of household(Your fall name))
*The quantity of document you need
*Indicate purpose of use

All document and form should be written in Japanese.

**The proof of address(copy of driver licence, telephone bill payment(not mobile), bank a/c statement which your address is printed and issued with in three month etc.
**Copy of your valid passport
**Reply envelope(with your name and address printed on, print "Air Mail")

The fee of copy of Koseki-tohon is normally 450 YEN per copy. Ask the city office first.

The postage fee for sending the document from Japan to US is 400 YEN(A4 size, tax exempt), so you need 2 or 3 sheet of International Postal Coupon.
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Re: How to obtain Koseki tohon from the USA 2014/3/29 23:26
if you ask someone(including relatives) to have your koseki-tohon, you need to write a letter of attorneyϔC in Japanese.
you said your wife is Japanese. she can help you. and her friends in Japan can get your koseki-tohon by mail, if you write a letter of attorney.
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Re: How to obtain Koseki tohon from the USA 2014/3/30 00:23
I would like to check in order to answer as accurately as possible, current nationality of Will you either. In acquired Japanese nationality other than, if you are to submit a nationality withdrawal notification to the Japanese government, then it means that your Koseki no longer exist.
It seems you have an idea that you want to register to Koseki your wife, but you must first be sure Koseki of what you're currently exist.
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Re: How to obtain Koseki tohon from the USA 2014/3/30 00:53
If you want to get the Koseki Touhon, there is a need to ask for it to City Office the presence of Koseki you are registered.
For example, there is a guide below.
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