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Futon thickness & comfort 2014/3/29 15:17
There are 4 of us traveling in the group and mostly, the affordable vacation rentals (2DK type) I have seen are for apartments offering futon beddings.
Are there different grades or thickness of futons that I can use as reference when asking the landlord about the bed type?
I'm worried about sleeping on a thin futon for 2 weeks. I don't think my back can take it for more than 2 nights on a hard surface (unless maybe I can pile up 3 futons for one person??)
How comfortable are futons to sleep in??
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Re: Futon thickness & comfort 2014/3/29 20:53
new futon is soft and thick, used futon is hard and thin
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Re: Futon thickness & comfort 2014/3/29 22:24
some people believe that backache is derived from a soft mattress. if you have backache, it might be improved.
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Re: Futon thickness & comfort 2014/3/30 03:02
The futons I have used in Japan, right on a wood floor, were thinner than the one I use in my home in Canada (on a bed with wood slats for box spring) and I always slept very very well.

Years ago western doctors used to tell people that had a constant backache to put wood boards on a soft mattress..besides doing special exercises..
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Re: Futon thickness & comfort 2014/3/30 14:32
Futons come in different thicknesses and softness. There isn't really "standard" type... if you are worried (about hard futon/surface), you can write ahead of time to let them know that you are used to sleeping on soft, cushiony bed/mattress, and see what they can provide you?
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Re: Futon thickness & comfort 2014/3/30 23:59

You are talking about renting a place that comes with futons, right? You're not asking about shopping new futons.

Well, I don't think that apartment owners arrange futons according to the guests' choice. At least, I haven't heard of anyone who makes these kind of requests. It's like asking a hotel to arrange special mattresses for your bed.

But of course, you are free to ask in advance about the thickness of the futons they provide, and you can notify about any health problems you might have.

They may not be able to buy new futons for you, but if you have a problem, I suppose you can buy new ones by yourself once you arrive to Japan. It's also common to lay a futon on top of one, so why not ask if they have extra futons as options.
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