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Using chokomu e money 2014/3/30 15:26
Hi everyone
I was wondering if you could help me out regarding paying thorough chokomu. Credit card and chokomu were the only options from the ticket site I'm going to reserve and I don't have CC :(
I tried to search online but the only English site I found that gave info on this was very vague.

From what I understand,
1. create chokomu account w/c is free - done!
2. charge the account from kombini - done! (but is it okay if the amount is exactly the same price as the ticket - including the service charge etc??)
3. login to l-tike and go to the process then select chokomu - (there's no part to enter the chokomu account here?)

but here's the error, I got at the end of the page, after confirming the ticket reservation:

I checked my chokomu account and the
Help will be very much appreciated!
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Re: Using chokomu e money 2014/3/30 20:27
Just to add, I found out how to link my chokomu account to l-tike (I think I didn't notice the first time it asked me to login with my chokomu account) gomen^^;

I'm thinking now if I got the error because I didn't add 180 yen in my balance? There's a 180 charge per transaction? Not sure if I read it right? Still... help! m(__)m
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Re: Using chokomu e money 2014/3/30 21:25
Hello again,
Sorry for the multiple post regarding this topic but I was able to sort it out :) So yeah, it was the 180yen chokomu transaction charge!

Sorry again. Hope this little mess can shed light to anyone that might have the same problem? :)
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