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ice hockey league in osaka? 2004/11/7 13:38
I am a canadian living in Osaka and I am really eager to play some Ice hockey. I have all my gear and just wanna get some ice time. Any information that can point me in the right direction would be greatly appreciated!!!
by andy Cameron  

good luck 2004/11/19 19:18
Good Luck man ! I dont know any info and I have been here 3 years. if u hear of anything lets lace em up
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there is hope 2004/12/7 21:47
Ive been looking for a while myself.  I found an Ice hockey shop in Umeda and appaerently there are quite a few teams around the kansai area.  ie. the Umeda Maple Leafs (little bit dissapointing being a Canucks fan)

There is hockey around.

Good thing you brought 
your gear.
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yes, hockey in Osaka exists 2005/1/31 18:29
Michigander here...yes, adult hockey leagues exist & primarily played at the rink in Moriguchi (Keihan line). Typically Sat. & Sunday night games. My best suggestion is to visit the rink to find a person/team. Or check the Tokyo Canadiens website & email for contacts in Osaka.
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Hockey sticks 2005/3/24 15:14
Can anyone give me directions to that hockey shop in Umeda? are there more shops around? if so, please let me know.

I live in tottori and i want to introduce street hockey here (well at least try) but I need sticks!

Willing to die for hockey sticks (partially true)

your fellow Canadian

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Yes, hockey exists! 2007/11/15 09:48
hockey exists even in a hockey waste land in Far East country.
I have been playing in between the pipes for 30years.
My team is composed by 130 players from 5years old to 70 years old.
In Men's category, we have 4 teams actually.
A Team is competitive, most of guys are from pro league, or Div1 college, looking up to All Japan tourney.
2 guys from PEI & Alberta.
Some Japanese guys is graduate from Canadian college, so you don't feel some communication gap, I guess. (exclude myself, hehe.)
For further details, contact me via mail.
We're looking forward to see you soon on the ice!

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Kansai Street Hockey Association 2010/4/10 02:05
Just look for the Kansai Street Hockey Association
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Osaka Ice Killers Ice Hockey Team 2011/1/11 15:30

Join Us !
Osaka Ice Killers ICE HOCKEY Team
Time: Every Saturday 23:15-24:45 PM
Place: Viva skate rink in Moriguchi-city, Osaka
Team: Osaka Ice Killers Ice Hockey Team A&B
Team A: Very competitive team which join Kansai Ice Hockey league A pool
Team B: Competitive team which join Kansai Ice Hockey league B pool
* We have 5 pools in Kansai Ice Hockey league from A to E based on competitiveness.
Language: Japanese + English
Fore more information;Pfizer Osaka office 06-6575-5266 Kobe MBA Norio Ooba

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