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Japanese adult adoption, adopt a Gaijin 2014/4/1 19:59
As far as I know, there is a legal adult adoption in Japan, which allows to adopt someone to the own family.

Is there also a possibility to adopt a non-Japanese citizen to the own family? I have heard only about Japanese who adopt among their own citizens, but how is it when a Japanese wants to adopt a Gaijin? Is there any possibility?
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Re: Japanese adult adoption , adopt a Gaijin 2014/4/1 22:21
A legal adult adoption can be made between a Japanese citizen and non-Japanese citizen but is not automatically grant those adopted non Japanese citizen to gain Japanese citizenship.
Non Japanese citizen needs to take legal process to gain their Japanese citizenship.
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Re: Japanese adult adoption , adopt a Gaijin 2014/4/2 01:13
Yes it's possible, but they have an extensive background check to make sure the Gaijin will be properly cared for. Things like a clean cage and plenty of room for exercise is paramount, as well as proper food and clean water for their dishes...
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