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Separating the garbage 2014/4/5 21:23
Okay, so I bought a new refrigerator and it arrived today. I was thrilled until I unwrapped it and realize the garbage it came along with.
I have been in Japan for almost 2 weeks and I still have to figure out the garbage dilemma.
It would' be great if anyone could tell me where does the gigantic card box go and where does the styrofoam go to? (And my city is in Kodaira).
Would be a great help before my apartment turns into a museum of squeaky clean garbage.
Oh the side note, do I recycle those tiny Lipton tea cartons as well
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Re: Separating the garbage 2014/4/5 23:17
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Re: Separating the garbage 2014/4/7 00:40
It seems Kodaira City does not have official foreign language versions of its website.
Instead, Kodaira City is offering a machine-translated version of its website, saying "the translation may not always be accurate" and "the contents may not be same as in the original Japanese page."

I suppose it is worth considering asking Kodaira City whether it offers a pamphlet in proper English concerning collection of garbage and resources.
Around the bottom of the webpage is a long gray button on a yellow background. You can click the button and open a webpage for inquiry about how to take out the garbage.
In the inquiry page, below the large input box is four small and long boxes for your personal data. The first one is for your name. The second one is for your address. (It can be omitted, but the name of your area is needed to determine days of the week for the garbage and resource collection.) The third one is for your phone number. The last one is for your e-mail address.
After filling the boxes, you can click a larger gray button and proceed to the webpage for confirmation.
From the confirmation page, you can either go back by clicking a larger gray button or send the message by clicking a smaller gray button.

According to the webpages in Japanese, collection of garbage and resources in Kodaira City are like the following.
: Day(s) of week for collecting garbage / resources in Kodaira City depends on whether your area is in West Zone or East Zone.
: No collection is scheduled in weekends.
: Garbage and resources can be collected even on public holidays, except during the New Year season.
: Flammable Garbage is collected twice a week.
: Non-flammable Garbage is collected once a week.
: Combustible Resources are collected once a week.
: Toxic Resources and Non-combustible Resources are collected once a week.
: Combustible Resources may include cardboards, newspapers and magazines.
: Fluorescent tubes and batteries are collected as Toxic Resources.
: Soft plastic films are collected as Flammable Garbage.
: Containers such as glass bottles, cans and PET bottles need to be washed before they are collected as Non-combustible Resources.
: Non-PET plastic containers with the icon of plastic recycling, if the content can be rinsed, can be collected as Non-combustible Resources.
: Plastic containers whose content cannot be rinsed (such as plastic tubes of ketchup / mayonnaise / sauce / tooth paste) are collected as Non-flammable Garbage.
- Sources in Japanese

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