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Dropped my wallet... 2014/4/6 21:56
It's been over 24 hours (on a weekend) since I've lost it and over 12 hours since I've reported it, and I have yet to receive a call from the police or anyone that may have found my wallet. I searched all day today, retracing my steps from the last time I knew I still had it. I live in Utsunomiya.

So my question is, how long should I wait until I give up waiting and cancel all my cards?

I'm hoping that Japan lives up to its stereotype of having really nice people...
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Re: Dropped my wallet... 2014/4/7 15:24
I'm sorry you lost your wallet! I know what a hassle it is to change everything; I hope someone comes through and finds it intact! But it is kinda impossible to give you a time period.

I would cancel the cards now just to be safe, but if you're wanting to wait, at least closely monitor the purchases online. If you see a fraudulent charge, immediately inform your bank to close all the cards. And if you do see one, I guess you'll know what happened to it! Hope that doesn't happen though.
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Re: Dropped my wallet... 2014/4/7 16:43
It is strongly recommended that you suspend your credit card / cash card as soon as you notice that you lost it.
I suppose a major credit company / a major bank has a telephone call center for suspension of lost cards, which accepts phone calls even in late and early hours.

If your lost wallet contains nothing indicating your address in Utsunomiya or your phone number, it may need a long time until it is returned.

A lost item is not always reported to a police immediately.
Your lost wallet, if a kind person finds it, may be kept in a manager office of an apartment in your neighborhood, or in a station / a lost-and-found office of a railroad operator, or by a police, maybe of another prefecture.
In the second case, probably the railroad operator does not inform you of the news unless you inquire about the wallet.
And, a lost item may appear on a lost item list several days after it is found.

So, even if a kind person has found your wallet already, a few more days may be required until you get the news. And, if you may have dropped it in a station or a train, I recommend you would refer to railroad operators it may concern and ask your local police to check also the lists of policies of a few surrounding prefectures (such as Gunma Prefecture and Tokyo Metropolis).

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