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Where can I buy Japan fashion in the U.S 2004/11/8 12:42
Hum, yuh. I live in the U.S, and I have recently become interested in Japanese fashion, but all the online stores either only ship to Japan, or I can't read a word they say D:

Any help ?_ ?
by HarryJ.Potter  

Translation 2005/1/4 11:34
If you go to babelfish.altavista.com , you can get those sites translated. It's a rough translation, as it's a site, but pretty accurate. Just be prepared to do some educated guessing.
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Check olderthreads 2005/1/4 15:44
Here is my response from the other thread:

Check out Shop33 - they have an online store in English and they carry quite a bit of hard to find (outside of Japan) fashion that they will ship to other countries.

There are also several sites that allow you to buy from Yahoo Japan Auctions if you look on Google.
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Try this out 2008/3/13 11:05
You can check this site:
They will find anything you want, and deliver it to your doorstep.
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Depends... 2008/3/13 13:05
What type of clothing are you looking for? Traditional? Trendy? Designers?
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. 2008/3/17 01:54
As Nika asks, what types are you looking for? There are some shops that will stell kimonos and that type of thing, but you may not be looking for that style.

I was surprised to be walking through Macy's one day and saw Shinjuku Lover's brand displayed.
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