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Author seeks info about Shibuya 2014/4/9 20:09

I'm an author currently researching a book where a few scenes take place in Japan, possibly in Shibuya. In the book some of the characters are visiting a supercomputer convention and I have placed this in Shibuya because I read about the 'Bit Valley' nickname. Is this correct? And if there was to be such a convention is there a particular building which would be suited for this purpose? It would probably be across several floors unless there was one huge space so if there was a building near the station with a large exhibit area (think big enough for a global computer fair) that would be perfect.

Thanks in advance.
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Re: Author seeks info about Shibuya 2014/4/10 18:18
In Shibuya, not to my knowledge. If you're talking about something comparable to the SC conferences Tokyo Big Sight in Odaiba, Makuhari Messe in Chiba or possibly Tokyo International Forum near Tokyo Station.. they would seem that more likely venues.
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Re: Author seeks info about Shibuya 2014/4/10 20:10
Bit Valley was a movement that was planned for Shibuya area, but it didn't work out and moved its area to Roppongi Hills. But Roppongi Hills is just a tall building with a lot of IT ventures in it.

Japan, Tokyo in particular, is a very crowded or hilly place and you can't really have everything in one place. A lot of firms of a certain category may live in one place, but for large conventions, exhibitions and festivals they would ride commuter trains to travel to, most typically, new towns made on bay area landfill sites as the other poster suggested.

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Re: Author seeks info about Shibuya 2014/4/10 21:01
Thanks for these answers. Which of these would be the most central area of Tokyo ie. a fairly short train ride from a fairly central guest house where the characters would be staying?
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Re: Author seeks info about Shibuya 2014/4/10 23:12
"Tokyo International Forum near Tokyo Station" is central, so Tokyo International Forum - http://www.japan-guide.com/e/e3037.html#forum
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