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Find out if Vase is worth anything 2014/4/10 06:49
I was recently given a vase, don't know if it's Chinese, or Japanese. I don't know what the red writing at the bottom of the vase means either. If someone can explain the vase's history to me, and what is it worth if I ever decide to sell it. I would really appreciate it thanks, have a nice day!!

I took these pictures so help get more information on the vase!

If you need more pictures please let me know I don't mind taking more to help me figure out what this vase is worth!!





by Justin (guest)  

Re: Find out if Vase is worth anything 2014/4/12 00:14
All I can say is that it's obviously Chinese.
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Re: Find out if Vase is worth anything 2014/4/12 04:05
Maybe rose medallion pattern
very early ones do not have stamp on
bottom. So maybe 19th century.
probably for export market.
value is tricky. This one is a tough call.
you could use a professional evaluation.
this one could be a sleeper.
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