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Pencil Boxes? 2014/4/10 23:39
I am in Tokyo until Sat. I have been asked to purchase pencil boxes for kids that are "high-tech,"the kind I remember growing up with a button for pencil sharpener, a compartment for eraser, etc. The ones made with the soft cushion covering. I've looked all over and can't find them. I only have a few more days .. Please help! I haven't found any with the buttons.
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Re: Pencil Boxes? 2014/4/11 10:54
Try the stationery floor of Tokyu Hands (Shinjuku, Shibuya, Ikebukuro) or Loft (Ikebukuro, Shibuya)
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Re: Pencil Boxes? 2014/4/11 21:11
There were pencil boxes with the soft touch like I think you're talking about mid March in Toys'r'Us at Ikebukuro- Sunshine City.

Lots of back to school stuff on special- I'd try there.
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Re: Pencil Boxes? 2014/4/11 21:29
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Re: Pencil Boxes? 2014/4/12 07:50
I suppose it something like this.



It was popular 20-30 years ago but now it's unfashionable. I don't see any of these recent days.

I don't think Tokyu Hands, loft, don't sell this type of pencil case. They only sell fashionable items.

Visit your local supermarket such as Seiyu, Life, Summit sore and Don Quijote stationary department. They might still sell.
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