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Where to create a travel blog? 2014/4/12 01:17

in less than 2 weeks my japan trip (6 Month) starts :)))
So to keep my friends and family up to date i want to create a travel blog website. I really want to enjoy my journey and don't want to spend hours in writing entries.

I was wondering if anyone knew of any private travel blogs, by this i mean only my friends and family can access the blog? The site should be very very easy ;) or offer an iPad app. During search i found some sites like http://travelpod or http://www.traveloca.com/create-a-free-travelblog. Does anyone have some experiences with one of these?

Any thoughts on this would be much appreciated! :)

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Re: Where to create a travel blog? 2014/4/13 15:53
I use wordpress.com myself. It is easy, free, and you can password-protect it then give the password out to make sure only some people can see it. Make sure you go to wordpress.COM and not wordpress.ORG though; the second site is for people wanting to host their own blogs themselves.
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Re: Where to create a travel blog? 2014/4/13 16:23
I can recommend Wordpress also.

They offer an app for every major platform, Windows Phone, Android and Mac/iOS.
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