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almost deported 2014/4/14 23:55
So,last friday I came back here in Japan but at the airport as I was check by the immigration with my passport and residence card suddenly I was ushered to their office and an officer came to me.He told me that last December 2012 I've changed my alien card to resident card and I flew outside Japan and came back after more than 1 year.At first,I don't understand it because I thought that my old reentry permit is still valid until I renew my visa again.I have been given a paper attached in my passport which says that the immigration decision is that I do not meet the conditions for landing because I do not have valid visa.That time also the officer told me that I could appeal for it,so I signed an Appeal paper.Right now,I have a provisional landing permit which I don't know how long it will last.The officer told that I should wait for their call if ever I need to appear to them again.But,I'm so worried that I might be deported.I want to go to the immigration office to inquire but I'm afraid that they might get angry at me because I'm being impatient.Will somebody tell me what to do?
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Re: almost deported 2014/4/15 08:42
Just wait.
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Re: almost deported 2014/4/15 09:00
Ya,I should wait but my Mom is pressuring me to do something.I think she's freacking out because I might lose my residence status,it's because of her that I got it and it might be gone all of a sudden.
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