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Biggest Book Stores in Tokyo? 2014/4/15 00:41
Hi there,

I'll be visiting Tokyo next year in April and one of the things I would like to do is visit some of the biggest book stores that Tokyo has to offer. Anyone have any recommendations? Thank you!
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Re: Biggest Book Stores in Tokyo? 2014/4/15 10:34
I don't know about biggest, but Kinokuniya, has a branch at Shimomeguro and one at Sendagaya 5 chome, and Tsutaya, a book/music concept store has various branches, but a good one is at the bottom of Keyakizaka Dori in Roppongi Hills.
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Re: Biggest Book Stores in Tokyo? 2014/4/15 10:52

Kinokuni-ya in Shinjuku

Junku-dou in Inkebukuro

Although I had heard that Junku-dou in Inkebukuro is the biggest in Tokyo, I have never been there.

BTW, Kanda-Jinbo-cho is the largest used/antiquarian books town
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Re: Biggest Book Stores in Tokyo? 2014/4/15 11:46
Junkudo, Ikebukuro head store has the biggest book floor in Tokyo. A whole building(B1-9F) is all book floor.

Kinokuniya, Shinjuku head store is the famous book store. A whole building(B1-8F) and Annex(1F-2F) are all book floor.

I recommend you to visit Jimbocho(Jinbo-cho) book town if you like books.
Jimbocho book town is the largest book town in the world with more than 180 second-hand book shops.

Sanseido Jimbocho head store(No second-hand books) is another large book store in Tokyo. A whole building(1F-6F) is all new book floor.

Remember, if you visit Jimbocho book town, the most second-hand shops 10:00 or later and close by 18:00, some shops close Sat by 17:00 and close on Sunday & Public Holiday all day.

Some large book stores include Sanseido, Shosen-Grande in Jimbocho open Mon-Sun include Public Holiday.
Shosen is one of large book store in Jimbocho, specializing in J,K-pop idols, train and military books as well as general books.
10:00-20:00(Mon-Thu,Sat,Sun, 10:00-21:00(Fri))
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Re: Biggest Book Stores in Tokyo? 2014/4/15 11:47
Not large, but I like it is Aoyama Book Center.
In Aoyama Roppongi it.
Foreign magazines and art books are selling mainly.
Stylish this is greater Tower Records Shibuya and bookstore in underground of Parco Shibuya.
On the other, the Yaesu Book Center of Tokyo Station Yaesu exit
SANSEIDO of Jinbocho
Book 1st of Shibuya
Libro of Ikebukuro
It is pretty big as well as.
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Re: Biggest Book Stores in Tokyo? 2014/4/16 03:42
I love the Tsutaya Daikanyama T Site book store. It's a big and beautiful store and the location is great. There are lots of cafe tables outside the store to hang out and read and Cafe Anjin on the second level is a cafe with a large rare books and magazines collection.

For more on Daikanyama: http://www.blaineanderin.com/the-tranquil-hideaways-in-tokyo/
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