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Sakura In Nagano This Weekend? 2014/4/21 15:10
Hi All,

I just wanted to know if anyone was aware if there might be any Sakura in Nagano city this weekend (apart from the late blooming varieties). I'm planning on visiting Obuse and the 3 shrines up in the hills....

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Re: Sakura In Nagano This Weekend? 2014/4/21 18:03
It seems there is only information in Japanese, please translate here.
Now, in full bloom, Nagano seems to have been a little scattered.
(Depending on location)
Gansho-in park of Obuse seems to bloom until about April 25.
http://www.nagano-tabi.net/modules/season/sakuradayori.html?HypEncHint =% E3% 81% B7 & junleid = & areaid = 01 & order_key = & order_val =
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