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Price of a Fridge 2014/4/22 17:46
hello friends
Can you please tell me the price of a fridge(165 ltr or a little bigger capacity)and a gas stove?
If I want to buy a second hand (used)stuffs, what would be the probable price? And where to buy it from if I live in Tokyo or Yokohama?
by Jee shambhu  

Re: Price of a Fridge 2014/4/22 19:16
how about this

Tokyo and Yokohama are both large city. You need to specify where you live.

Your local city sometimes provide cheap or free(you need to register and must win in a draw) second hand goods. Ask your city office first.
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Re: Price of a Fridge 2014/4/23 02:22
In Japan, it is called 'Gas Table' to a gas stove to use for cooking.
I want to be careful to you, you should be using it to fit the type of gas, there is a risk of accident If you do not do this.
Kind of it is divided into LP gus and Toshi gus(City gus), Toshi gus in Tokyo and Yokohama is Toshi gus of type 13A. LP gus is common in Japan. I think it is good to note of how you need to look for an instrument of either of LP gus and Toshi gus.
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