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Does anyone encounter problems with Line app? 2014/4/24 00:39
I tried searching through the FAQ on the website, but it doesn't answer what I want to know.

Lately, on Line, my app malfunctions occasionally. For example, if I'm chatting with a friend in the text chat, it will say that my friend didn't read my message despite my friend already responding, but my previous message has no "read" message. However, after my friend responds and I respond, my reply message says "read". How come the previous message does not say read, even though I know my friend read it and replied?

For those that may not understand my question, here is an example Line conversation of what I'm trying to explain,

Me: Hello! [read]

Friend: Hey. How are you?

Me: I'm good.

Me: Today, I'm going to the movies.

Me: What will you do today?

Friend: I will hang out with my friends.

Friend: What movie will you see?

Me: Oh okay, sounds cool! [read]

Me: Hmm, I'm not sure yet. [read]

Notice how the middle part of the conversation it says that my friend didn't read my message, but clearly my friend did because of the reply.

Can someone help me understand. Is this a problem with the Line app or my cell phone? Because this only happens with this one friend and no one else.
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Re: Does anyone encounter problems with Line app? 2014/4/24 10:15
I've had similar problems with the Line app. Its just buggy. Sometimes I don't get notifications of new messages, or I'll get notifications but the messages don't show up in the chat without a restart. Other times I won't get messages at all or they'll come in in a huge group way late in the conversation. It also freezes on me a lot. Personally, I probably wouldn't use it if everyone else wasn't. I'm using the latest ios version btw.
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Re: Does anyone encounter problems with Line app? 2014/4/24 10:22
Yeah, Line has froze on me before multiple times and I have received messages from a certain contact in a spam like way. Also, a friend of mine once sent me a message on Line exclaiming that he just received my message from March 28th and it was in mid-April when he told me. He thought maybe it was a malfunction with his phone, but I think if other people have this problem then maybe it is Line.

I have restarted Line app many times before to see if the problem would fix itself, but it still remained the same. However, when I looked on the PC version today, it said "read"...Maybe Line needs to fix that problem, lol.

Btw, if it helps any, I have an old phone "Samsung Galaxy Prevail" and this particular contact has an "LG" phone.
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